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How does your Referral Program work?
  • Referral Program

Refer us to clients, associates, friends and family and earn 10% commission per transfer booked with us from those you referred.

How do you pay Referral Partners?
  • Referrers are paid 10% commission;
    • For anyone who calls us, that books
    • For anyone who texts us, that books
    • For anyone who clicks links to our website in your emails, that books
    • For anyone who clicks links on your website to our website, that books
  • The 1st of each month we email referrers a “Recipient Generated Tax Statement”
    • This statement itemises guests transfer dates, sales, commissions and GST
    • This amount is deposited into your bank account on the same day
How does your Reseller Program work?
  • Reseller Program

Resell our transfer services to your existing clients and remain the intermediary between your client and our private transfer service.

How do Resellers get paid?
  1. Quote prices to guests
    • Get an “Instant Quote” from our website for up-to-date prices
    • Quote guests subject to availability
    • Explain different vehicle options, “Budget”, “Comfortable” & “Luxury”
  2. If they accept our quote… “Book their Transfer” via our website
    • Input the guests mobile phone number so drivers can communicate with them directly at pickups
    • Input flight arrival times if being picked up from an airport
    • Input 90 minutes before flight departure times if being picked up in Noosa going to MCY Airport
    • Input 150 minutes before flight departure times if being picked up in Noosa going to BNE Domestic Airport
    • Input 210 minutes before flight departure times times if being picked up in Noosa going to BNE International Airport
  3. Input your “reseller discount voucher”
    • Click “Apply” to receive your discount through the cart
  4. Select payment method
    •  “Bank Transfer” (deposit money into our bank account)
    • “Credit Card” (provide credit card details for us to charge your card)
  5. Charge your clients our retail rates
    • Pay us our retail rate less your Reseller discount (voucher)
      • Transfer the amount you owe us via “Bank Transfer”
      • Or, we’ll charge your credit card if you selected card your payment method
  6. Your booking is confirmed once you have received our automated booking confirmation email
    • Copy and paste pertinent information from our booking confirmation to your guests
      • Remind and or reconfirm special requirements (baby seats / oversized luggage etc) with your clients
    • We text message your clients the night before they transfer reaffirming we will be there to pick them up the following day
      • Guests are asked to call or text 0450 590 281 if they do not receive this text message by 8pm
        • This text message is an important safety net to unearth transfers that have fallen through the cracks
Do you provide marketing material?
  • Yes we provide;
    • DL brochures displaying price estimates to quote guests
    • We can provide an A-Frame to put outside your reception or travel agency
    • Business card displays with our business cards to hand your guests
    • Email swipe copy with conversion tracking links attributing bookings to your unique referral ID
    • Website swipe copy with conversion tracking links attributing bookings to your unique referral ID
What incentives are in place for high volume sellers?
  • Referrers or resellers who sell more than $500+ worth of transfers have their unique discount codes increased to 20%
    • If you sell $500+ in transfers through January we increase your discount code amount to 20% through Feb
    • If you then sell $500- in transfers through February we decrease your discount code amount 10% through March
What's a good elevator pitch I can use when selling your transfers?

Sunshine Coast Private Transfers offer an express on-demand, door-to-door private transfers to and from Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast Airports. Their budget vehicle costs couples just $5 more than the Shuttle Bus from Noosa to MCY Airport, and less than what it costs a group of 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7 people.

The shuttle takes up to 90 minutes to get to Noosa from MCY Airport. Sunshine Coast Private Transfers take just 30 minutes.

Sunshine Coast Private Transfers offer four different vehicle types and four different price points starting with a “Budget” vehicle,  followed by a “Comfortable” vehicle, up to “Luxury” vehicles and “Oversize” transfers requiring a luggage trailer.

What's included in the price?


  • Compact Vehicles
  • “Up to 3” People
  • “Up to 3” Checked Bags
  • “NO Child Seats”
  • “Curbside Pickup”- NO Meet & Greet


  • “Mid Size” SUV’s
  • “Up to 4” Adults
  • “Up to 4” Checked Bags
  • “Up to 1” Child Seats
  • “Meet & Greet” Inside Terminal


  • “Luxury” People Movers
  • “Up to 7” Adults
  • “Up to 4” Checked Bags
  • “Up to 2” Child Seats
  • “Meet & Greet” Inside Terminal


  • “Custom Luggage Trailer”
  • “Up to 6 or 7” Adults
  • “Up to 7” Checked Bags
  • “Up to 3” Child Seats
  • “Up to 4” Pieces Oversize Luggage
  • Surfboards, Strollers, Bikes etc…
  • “Meet & Greet” Inside Terminal