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Return Legs/Backloading In Private Transfer Vehicles @ a Shuttle Bus Price of just $40.00 to/from noosa/airport

Noosa Shuttle

Return Legs/Backloading Rides In Private Transfer Vehicles @ The Shuttle Bus Price of Just $40.00



Sunshine Coast Private Transfers runs the largest fleet of private transfer vehicles in and out of the Sunshine Coast Airport fulfilling between 20 and 40 private transfers daily

With almost 70% of private transfer coming out of Sunshine Coast Airport travelling to Noosa. We have countless vehicles travelling between Sunshine Coast Airport and Noosa empty, picking up and dropping off private transfer clients

With the recent sale of Henry’s Shuttle (a 30 year icon of Noosa) the time is right for us to expand into the price driven shuttle market with a unique offer;

Return Legs / Backloading Rides in Private Transfer Vehicles @ The Shuttle Bus Price of just $40.00 to/from Noosa & the Sunshine Coast Airport



HOW it works

Our private drivers, when travelling empty between picking up and dropping off private transfer clients, backload no more than three shuttle clients en-route between Noosa and the Sunshine Coast Airport

  1. Bookings must be prepaid and pre-booked
  2. Pick up / drop off address must be within 3 km’s of our existing travel route between Noosa and the airport (see the map)
  3. Our drivers will pick up no more than 3 passengers catching the same flight or arriving on the same flight
  4. Shuttle clients will be driven directly to the Sunshine Coast Airport arriving (at least) one hour before flight departure times
  5. Shuttle clients are driven directly to Noosa, departing the Sunshine Coast Airport when a flight’s luggage has been unloaded



  1. Noosa Shuttle @ $40 is as cheap a ride as you’ll find between the Sunshine Coast Airport & Noosa other than a twenty two seat shuttle bus @ $37.50
  2. With our maximum 3 person pickup rule, you will endure no more than two additional pickups / drop-offs outside your own
  3. Our maximum 3 km pickup radius  from an existing Noosa / Airport route ensures pickup times will not take more than 5 minutes
  4. Other than a maximum of two (most likely zero) additional pickups (ride shares) en-route to Noosa / Airport you essentially get a luxury private transfer for just $2.50 more than the shuttle bus that can stop as many as 15 times along the same route

Private Transfers start at $70 per vehicle up to $140



Noosa Heads

Sunshine Beach

Sunrise Beach

Castaway Beach

Marcus Beach

Peregian Beach

More Than One Passenger?

Our shuttle service is designed for solo travelers and although singles often end up traveling in a back-load vehicle to themselves, they agree to share rides with as many as two other people en-route

 Couples and larger groups don’t need to share. You are much better-served by booking private transfers. Prices for our (private) economy cars start at $70.00 per vehicle, plus $5 per person traveling between Noosa and the Sunshine Coast Airport

Private transfers are pre-scheduled and pre-booked exclusively for you and your traveling party. Your private driver picks you up in a late model car cleaned by a professional car cleaning team and drives you to your destination

 Your journey will be direct without any stops, door-to-door from a location, date and time into the future. All for less money than what a couple will pay for two seats on the local shuttle bus



Shuttle passengers are picked up in any vehicle travelling (empty) in their direction. If booking a private transfer choose a vehicle most suited to your needs

noosa shuttle FAQ’s

Do you provide child seats?

Unfortunately, loading kids into child seats will hold up the shuttle for others. You can book a private transfer with a child seat already installed, for the same money it costs two people to book our shuttle service

What information do I need to book a seat?
  • You need the following information to request a quote
    • Pick-up or drop-off address
    • Your Name
    • Mobile Phone Number
    • Email Address
    • Date of Travel
    • Flight Number
    • Flight Time
What luggage entitlement will I have?

Luggage entitlements are the same as airlines. One checked bag (20kg Max) and one carry on bag per passenger

How long will the transfer take?

It’s a 30-minute drive to / from Noosa and the Sunshine Coast Airport. Allow another 5 to 10 minutes (max) per pickup or drop off (up to a maximum of 2 pickups before or after yours)

How do I pay for my transfer?

When checking out of our cart select your Payment Method; Credit Card (2.2% fee), PayPal (2.6% fee), Bank Transfer prior to us picking you up. Our bank details are provided in your booking confirmation email

What if my flight is delayed?

You book your shuttle by your flight number into and out of the Sunshine Coast Airport. If your flight is delayed we will monitor it and make sure a driver is there to pick you up when it does land

What if my flight is cancelled?

We will refund your money

What if I miss the shuttle?

If you are not at the pickup address at the time you booked us to pick you up our driver has no choice but to keep moving, we have other passengers to consider. We will credit your account $40 for you to call and book again some other day but there are no refunds for no shows


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