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Professional Drivers Job


  1. Driver Authority (DA) License from the Department of Transport (Please do not apply until you have applied for (or hold) a general-purpose DA License which costs less than $100… (You do not need a Taxi or Booked hire DA that cost over $300)
  2. You must live 10 minutes drive from Brisbane Airport, Sunshine Coast Airport or Noosa
  3. You must have experience driving private transfers, buses, limo’s, UBER (Uber drivers must have 1,000+ rides & a 4.9+ rating on the Uber app)
  4. Your Own ABN registered for GST


We are based in the Noosa area and looking for casual drivers to work 3 – 4 days a week (mostly Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday) to drive inbound and outbound tourists to and from Airports and special events. In the busy months, it can be 5 – 6 days a week.

You will be driving our cars, we pay you a percentage of the transfer fee. We pay all vehicle operating expenses (fuel, servicing, insurances etc…)

Once a relationship of trust is established and you are properly trained, we allow drivers to keep our vehicles overnight for multi-day shifts so long as they live 10 minutes drive from Brisbane Airport, Sunshine Coast Airport, or Noosa, and we have come to trust a driver will maintain an impeccable standard of cleanliness before picking up any of our clients.


Sunshine Coast Private Transfers sell certainty in an uncertain world of flight schedules and Bruce Highway traffic. When you need a ride to the pub or getting home from work you want the convenience of a Taxi or Uber. When travelling to or from Airports, or attending special events you want certainty served consistently. Sunshine Coast Private Transfers offer a pre-scheduled, pre-booked private transfer.

When clients book our brand they expect to pay more for world-class communication, high service levels, punctuality and consistency, we are in the communications game at the end of the day. We need our drivers to be extremely responsive to answering phones and text messages.

Drivers MUST be able to leverage GOOGLE maps, voice commands for sending and receiving phone calls without touching your phones (using an earpiece and app)…

…and if not, you must be willing to learn how.


  • You must LOVE driving
  • You can work early morning shifts, day-shifts, evening shifts and work to last-minute schedules
  • You can follow instructions, think ahead and SOLVE PROBLEMS on the run
  • You are an obsessive cleaner & keep your personal vehicle immaculate
  • You would be embarrassed to pick up a client and let them sit in another passengers mess
  • You will have great communication skills
  • You are responsive to digital communication platforms (drivers app, mobile phone, text messages, emails)
  • Delivering high service levels to your passengers (our clients) will become your No.1 priority when driving for us
  • You are friendly, personable and able to hold conversations with different walks of life
  • You are tech-savvy enough to be able to receive jobs, invoices and all other communications via our driver’s app on your smartphone (driver app, text messages and email mostly)
  • You dress neat & tidy by habit and will wear our branded driver shirts with pride, in combination with beige, white or black coloured shorts, trousers and shoes.
  • The thought of driving anywhere between Hervey Bay, the Gold Coast and the suburbs (& Brisbane city) on any given day excites you
  • You will nominate the words (yes I read it all) in your driver’s survey/questionnaire to prove you read all of the communications we ask of you
  • You will not judge your pay by earnings per hour… driving is a lifestyle job
  • Professional drivers assess their earnings per month. Then compare what they actually do for it (drive interesting, successful people around)… against other jobs for 45 to 60-year-olds on the Sunshine Coast
  • You understand what working in a tourist town is like. Make money when the sun shines. Relax when it’s quiet (in the lulls) work hard when the work is beckoning
  • Having experience driving a trailer is an advantage but not essential
  • Having a license permitting you to drive a 14 seat minibus is also an advantage but not essential


  • Unlike driving on-demand (booked hire or Taxis), our clients pre-schedule and pre-book.  Our drivers know their driving schedules the night before each shift.
  • Pre-booked Private Transfers on The Sunshine Coast often mean you will be driving successful, worldly and interesting people on holidays. You learn a lot from the many conversations you have with all kinds of interesting people, you will enjoy the work immensely if you are not rushed to be somewhere else, and are not scratching to survive financially (you have some equity underpinning your lifestyle).
  • We specialise in Kia Carnival, 8 seat People Movers (with leather seats) targeting down to earth couples, families and groups paying us to transport many different size groups with oversize luggage, with certainty and consistency.
  • We’re a local family business hiring local drivers. Our brand is synonymous with high service levels, professionalism, certainty, hygiene and personability. Our clients are always sending us messages with thanks for a great service, and our friendly professional drivers.
  • We are market leaders in Private Transfers on The Sunshine Coast with the largest fleet based on the coast, we own a variety of vehicle types that cater to everyone no matter what their price point.
  • We have invested over $150,000 in custom software development that streamlines communications, automates repetitive tasks…enabling us to offer the market a simple to use, yet sophisticated pricing model that maximises earnings in peak demand months while discounting in low demand months. Our software captures data on everything we do from the amount of rubber our tyres burn to measure how much fuel each driver uses in each of our vehicles.
  • Our NeedARide.CLUB loyalty rewards membership ensures the local outbound market is evergrowing with clients who our drivers get to know quite well over the years they driver them.
  • We have a dedicated and experienced inbound call team to take bookings and support clients. Our vehicles are tracked via GPS enabling our fleet manager to monitor and support drivers on the road so if running late for a pickup, can intervene to notify the client their driver is running behind schedule, or get another vehicle to step in and pick up that job. 
  • Our drivers work as part of a coherent team, allowing you to keep your eyes on the road while focussing on your clients while others field calls, oversee logistics 


    1. Show us your interest in this job by completing our questionnaire here. Your answers will give us an insight into what you expect from this kind of work.
    2. We call candidates who complete the survey
    3. If you answer the survey questions in a way that depicts you as potentially the right candidate, we will call you for a quick telephone interview within 48 hours of receiving your survey
      • If your telephone interview is successful we will invite you to start our orientation process;
      • We will send you some reading material, and forms to complete
      • Reading materials and forms are for Qld Transport compliance regulations
      • Once the forms are received we arrange for you to meet us for an in-person interview and to confirm you have read the documents
      • If you’re successful we offer you a one week trial
    4. In this trial, you will go on the road to complete some low-pressure transfers (you will be paid for)
      • Anyone can drive someone to an airport. It’s under the pressure of multiple back-to-back pickups, your next client waiting to catch a plane while your current client is not answering their phone 10 minutes after the pickup time… amidst cancelled flights & traffic delays that sorts a professional driver from an inexperienced driver
      • Professional drivers with lots of experience can be left as subcontractors to fulfil their roster with plenty of time in the bank (forward planning), making all the right decisions along the way.
      • Inexperienced drivers are usually short on time causing them to be late, leaving clients curbside not knowing where their driver is making all the wrong decisions along the way costing us dearly in both reputation, and lost clients/earnings
    5. We are willing to train inexperienced drivers but only those who have the right attitude
      • An experienced professional driver with a great attitude is our preference
      • That said we’d rather hire the right personality with a positive team-first attitude that we have to train, then work closely with them for three months than hire a professional driver with the wrong attitude
      • An inexperienced driver requiring training, depending on their work history, their capacity to comprehend and personality type can take between one month, and three to four months before we can allocate them a complex, high-pressure roster (throughout this period earnings cannot be maximized because your rosters will be limited in scope)
      • After completing a couple of low-pressure transfers designed entirely to introduce you to the work, our trainer will meet with you throughout the week (at Sunshine Coast Airport) to give you some on the ground training for picking up clients at the local airport, then driving them to their destination
    6. If your one week trial is successful we will offer to extend your trial to 30 days
    7. Throughout this extended trial, as with the first week…you will be paid for the transfers you drive
    8. We slowly introduce you to shifts that absorb more pressure as and when we feel you are ready for it
    9. If you love driving but cannot (or do not want) pressure, we have low-pressure shifts we can give you (but again your earning potential will be limited in scop)
    10. At the same time, we start to drip-feed links (via email) from our driver’s knowledge base throughout your extended trial, aligned with the practical side on the road transporting clients
    11. The more you drive throughout your trial period, and the faster you consume our knowledge base of articles the quicker you become a contracted driver – we can subcontract transfers to with confidence
    12. We have found that by integrating your practical orientation to driving on the road, coupled with guiding you through our knowledge base (self-training articles), combined with having access to your trainer for asking questions when you start and end shifts is the most effective way to onboard new drivers
    13. Once we onboard you, you will be offered a subcontract drivers position for a number of days each week. You will start receiving transfers on days you are available (volume subject to demand)


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